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5 Top Benefits of Using an Air Compressor

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Your air compressor is capable of so much more than spray-painting, cleaning and tyre-inflating tasks. Armed with the appropriate air tools a standard air compressor can undertake a vast range of domestic and industrial chores including professional drilling, sanding, polishing, sawing, hammering, grinding and plenty more besides.

In fact, it’s hard to think of an application or job for which a conventional power tool couldn’t be replaced by its pneumatic equivalent. Not only that, but air tools provide a number of significant advantages over traditional electrically powered tools. Here are the top 5 advantages of using compressed air tools over conventional power tools.

Air tools are easier to use

Since air tools are powered by compressed air supplied by an external air compressor they don’t require their own heavy internal motor. Consequently, air tools tend to be more compact, lighter and ergonomically designed than normal power tools which means they can be used for longer without the operator experiencing fatigue. A more compact design also means that air tools are often suited for use in confined spaces where a bulkier conventional tool wouldn’t fit.

Air tools are more reliable

Air tools generally contain far fewer moving parts than electrically-powered tools which means that there is less to go wrong with them and they require minimal maintenance. Air tools are saferThe absence of an electrically powered motor in air tools means that the risk of the operator receiving an electrical shock from a malfunctioning tool is eliminated. Air tools are also safer to use in environments where combustive gases may be present in the atmosphere or in situations where the presence of water, damp or water vapour might prohibit the use of an electrical tool.

Air tools are economical

Particularly when used continuously in a commercial or industrial environment, air tools consume far less electricity than their mains-operated counterparts. In some applications, such as where high degrees of torque is required to tighten or loosen a fitting, air tools are also more powerful. Air tools typically cost less to purchase or replace than conventional power tools, and a further financial benefit of air tools is that they are less attractive to thieves than standard power tools.

Air tools increase productivity

Thanks to their versatility, power and ease of use air tools allow the completion of complex tasks more quickly than when using conventional power tools because swapping one air tool for another is so quick and easy. Thus, for example, sanding, nailing down and spray painting an area of garden decking can be done with maximum speed and efficiency by using the appropriate air tools.

Other advantages

1. Compressed Air Tools are a safe alternative to electric tools, with no chance of electric shocks from the tools. Therefore air tools are the only option in environments that can not use electricity.
2. Generally, airpower tools are more powerful than conventional electric power tools.
3. Air tools have higher torque ratings and RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) which means they work quicker.
4. Quickly interchangeable quick-release couplings mean you can change air tools within seconds.
5. Less desirable to thieves. Because air tools require an air compressor to work, so they are not such a quick sell like electric power tools.

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