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Benefits Of Oil-Free Air Compressors For You

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An air compressor in Sydney can be useful for many things. You can also use an air compressor in a variety of places, such as your home, garage, or business. With many types of air compressors, if you’re looking to reduce the risk of contamination, minimise operating costs, and reduce your carbon footprint, consider using an oil-free compressor. Here are the benefits of oil-free air compressors for you.

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What Is An Oil-Free Air Compressor?

In a traditional air compressor, the air comes out thanks to a turning piston inside the compression chamber. This chamber makes an oil-lubricated air compressor different from one that’s free of oil. The piston needs lubrication, or oil, for the compressor to operate. Oil-free compressors don’t need oil because the cylinders are already pre-lubricated, and a Teflon coating protects them and allows them to remain permanently lubricated.


Benefits of Oil-Free Compressed Air

Oil-free compressors offer several advantages over their oil-injected counterparts, including:

Less maintenance

Traditional oil air compressor maintenance is somewhat involved. These machines require routine oil changes, which means you also have to dispose of this oil. This action costs more money and time. You also have to remove oil aerosols, for which you’ll need filtration and oil and air separator elements. With oil-free air compressors, you don’t have to do any of these tedious chores — although draining the tank completely after every use is recommended to extend the compressor’s lifespan.

Lower cost

Oil-free compressors are also a great way to save money. They generally cost less to buy, and they also tend to last a long time, due to their relatively few components. Some models also come with regulators that allow you to use energy only when it’s needed, which helps lower fuel costs.

Diminished risk of contamination

Oil contamination can lower or compromise the quality of your products, which in turn could harm your brand’s reputation — or even worse, your customers’ health. Oil-free compressors are often required in fields like food and medicine, where oil-free, clean air is essential.

Multiple uses

Unlike oil-injected compressors, oil-free types can operate when placed in various orientations. Due to their lighter weight and smaller size, they can be easily transported and moved vertically or horizontally, depending on the task. And since they’re oil-free, you won’t have to worry about oil leaking when the compressor is tilted in different directions.

Faster start

Oil-injected compressors require more amps to start. This means that if you were hoping to use one in a cold environment, such as a garage on a winter day, starting it could take a while. This issue is due to oil’s viscous consistency, which makes it more difficult to move when cold. If you have an oil-free compressor, though, you can start it much faster, regardless of the temperature.

Environmentally friendly

The compressor’s absence of oil is eco-friendly because the machine doesn’t release pollutants into the atmosphere. These substances can harm both the environment and your workers.

No matter what type of task you need to complete, when you use oil-free compressed air, you’re helping to save the environment and reduce costs. Air purity is also vital for some tasks, and even the smallest drop of oil can cause damage. Make sure you know what type of job you need the compressor for because you may be able to benefit from renting an oil-free air compressor.


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