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Energy accounts for up to 70% of a compressed air systems total cost over its life time. Significant cost savings can be made with All Air Compressors’ services and the following:

  • Replacing old compressors with newer energy efficient units.
  • Purchasing a VFD Air Compressor (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • Repairing leaking compressed air systems
  • Altering compressed air systems
  • Making sure air is not wasted through unused machinery
  • Regular servicing via our Preventative Maintenance and Servicing Plan

Knowing the limitations of your current compressed air system is the key to achieving energy efficiency and savings for your business. Identifying the target pressure of your compressed air system, that is, your available supply pressure or minimum system pressure. Any less than your minimum system pressure may result in your equipment not operating properly. If your system pressure is running higher than required this can be costing you money.

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) matches compressor output with system demand by varying the drive motor speed. It also reduces the starting current dramatically compared to a start delta system which helps to avoid heavy rated fuses, cable sizing, back-up generators and isolators. A VFD compressor can save you up to 28% of your total compressor energy cost over a 10 year period. The bigger the compressor the bigger your energy savings which means more $$$ in your pocket.

Customers often ask:

  • Can I make my business (compressed air system) more efficient?
  • How do I expand my existing compressed air system?
  • Do I need a new compressor?
  • Altering compressed air systems
  • Can I raise the pressure on my compressor?
  • Why do I have water in the air lines?

At All Air Compressors we are happy to assist you with these questions and more.