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When Should Your Air Compressor Filter be Replaced?

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For any company, purchasing an air compressor is a significant investment. To protect the investment, it is obvious that the air compressor and filter elements must be properly maintained. An air compressor’s air intake filters are used to filter out any dust or debris that the compressor can inhale. The compressor element, valves, filters, compressor oil, and any moving parts will all wear out due to dust.

You’ll pay the price if you neglect your air compressor. The compressor can operate less effectively if the air or oil filter is clogged. The compressor would need to be replaced earlier as a result of this higher cost of operation. For reliable air compressor repairs, trust All Air to keep your equipment running efficiently.

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When is the time for you to change your air compressor filters?

Filters for your air compressor should be replaced every two years. Isn’t that something everyone’s heard? Don’t just take my word for it; go out and investigate for yourself. What’s the status of your filter?

By allowing dirty air from the outside in and causing it to work harder to intake air, a filthy air filter can only damage your air compressor. Replace the oil filter earlier if it becomes deeply encrusted with oily residue before then.

Impurities pass through the system and degrade the compressed air content as dirt and dust accumulate on the air filters. Furthermore, dirty air filters block the system’s output and cause it to work harder just to perform basic functions. Dirty air filters can result in excessive energy usage, expensive maintenance, and downtime if the problem persists.
Overheating rotary screw air compressors can also be caused by clogged air filters.

Keep in mind that not all air filters are created the same. If oil passes through the system, it can degrade the air quality. This oil can be brought all the way to the end of the application.

For your air compressor needs, you can rely onĀ All Air Compressors. We are not only selling and repairing air compressors, but we are also supplying the accessories for your compressors, including air line filters. For more information, visit our website or contact us right away!