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Why Is It Important to Regularly Maintain Your Rotary Screw Compressor?

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Rotary screw compressors, like all compressors, need to be serviced on a regular basis. Maintenance on most rotary air compressors is quite simple due to the simplicity of the internal components. If you follow a rotary screw compressor maintenance program, your equipment will most likely provide you with many years of optimal productivity.

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Save Time and Money

When you keep to a screw compressor maintenance schedule, you lower the chances of unexpected system downtime. You can notice possible problems early on, before they get out of hand and turn into more serious ones, with routine checks. The sooner you recognize an issue, the easier and less expensive it is to fix it. In many circumstances, an issue that is recognized early on can be resolved in a matter of minutes with no cost.

In the long term, routine maintenance saves time. System downtime is costly and time-consuming in any industry. The time a compressor is down and inoperable is time lost in terms of productivity. Even a few hours of downtime can cost you a lot of money. You may avoid costly downtime by performing routine air compressor maintenance.


Preventing Unexpected Repairs

One of the most serious consequences of a haphazard air compressor maintenance program is the possibility of unanticipated emergencies. You are not keeping track of how your compressor functions on the inside if you simply inspect it at irregular periods. Even though the compressor appears to be in good condition on the outside and was acquired within the last few years, there may be internal problems developing that you will overlook if you simply inspect it on an infrequent, irregular basis.

In the worst-case situation, your compressor may fail for reasons that are difficult to pinpoint. As a result, a diagnosis could take even longer and cost much more money. With regular maintenance, you may identify problems early and get them fixed practically immediately.


Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Compressor

You can extend the compressor’s life expectancy by following a rotary screw air compressor maintenance routine. By monitoring the compressor on a frequent basis over the years that you use it, you may be able to obtain a higher return on your initial investment. An air compressor, like any other motorized machine, will survive longer if it is well-maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

Maintenance on a regular basis might also help you transform your initial investment into a huge profit. When the time comes to replace the machine with a newer model, the old compressor will almost certainly have saved you money in terms of productivity.



A clean compressor will run more smoothly and be less likely to break down, which is why it’s important to clean your compressor regularly.


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